Daren Newton

Jane Musgrove, HR / Administration Director

Fresh out of secretarial college Jane started working with Lee Newton in 1988. Jane was responsible for setting up and managing the systems required to operate a successful company from list/subscription management to sales processing systems and HR / office management.
At ETP Jane joined the senior management team and went on to join Media 10 as a founding director.

Jane had to start from the very beginning again when Media 10 was founded, obtaining lists, managing the circulations of magazines, handling demographics and ABC returns, recruiting staff and setting up all office systems from communication to sales processing. Jane organised and managed the move to Media 10’s current offices, and now looks after Human Resources for 200 staff and the overall management of the office. Jane believes ‘that if you have a good team, you work hard, you are committed, you tackle challenges head on and you check and double check everything, you will succeed!’