Daren Newton

Lee Newton, CEO

Born in 1965, in Romford Essex, Lee’s entrepreneurial spirit was first evident when he set up his own market stall in Romford Market at the age of just 15. Lee later moved into publishing, where he quickly climbed the ranks.

In 1990 Lee went on to establish ETP, a publishing company responsible for hugely successful business to business titles such as FX. Lee eventually accepted an offer to sell a percentage of his company to The Wilmington Group. Lee continued to run a subsidiary of the group, outperforming all other areas of Wilmington, which subsequently led to them purchasing the remaining shares and Lee’s appointment to run the Wilmington’s Publishing Division, soon overseeing 40 magazines, 10 annual directories and 124 websites.

Lee recognised however, that his entrepreneurial flair was being stifled and left Wilmington to set up Media 10 in 2003. The idea was to bring the 10 best people he knew in the business together as shareholding Directors; Richard Morey, Tim Garwood, Jane Musgrove, Lee Moore, Darren Newton, Justin Levett, Eric Wenham, Mike Dynan and Rob Nathan later in 2007.

With fellow Directors brought together and all personal investors within the company, Media 10 was born, their only plan being, to never let a bad plan get in the way of a good idea; a principle that is still followed, 10 years down the line.

With a growing portfolio of 30 live events, 39 websites and 13 publications operating in the UK and overseas, over 1 million visitors and 5 million readers and a growing staff of 270 people, that vision has established Media 10 as one of the most successful and most decorated media companies in the UK.