Daren Newton

Tim Garwood, Production Director

Tim Garwood joined Lee Newton at ETP in 1990 to head up the design department of the publishing company. By the end of the 1990’s Tim was managing more than 20 graphic designers, production staff and internet designers and was responsible for the repro, print and design. When ETP was bought by Wilmington, Tim took over as Group Production Director, running three studios and 90 staff. A qualified graphic designer by trade, Tim’s skills have also expanded into technology management too.

Tim also joined Media 10 in 2003 as Production Director and along with Lee Moore continues to oversee 18 live events, 7 magazines and 21 websites; he helps to run the Production and Studio departments which also includes the Web department. His role includes buying print across all departments of Media 10 from magazines to event show guides, signage and video. Recently Media 10 has recognised the importance of data analysis and Tim has four members of staff reporting to him for IT and all Media 10’s data bases.