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Our Ethos

Media 10’s Mission Statement

Media 10’s mission is to use its creative strength to transform great ideas into relevant and interesting content, across a range of media, including events, magazines, websites and brand extensions

Our values

We are passionate about delivering the very best results in everything we do. From our current events, magazines, awards, seminars and conferences through to world class sponsor, partner, exhibitor and consumer customer service.

We not only enjoy what we do – we LOVE it – and this is shown in over 70 awards we have won in the last 10 years from our peers within each industry we work.

Our team of over 200 respected professionals ensure that everything we work on is delivered on time, under budget and exceeding all expectations. We have many measures, however fundamentally we will always be proud of what we do.

Quality, innovation, team work, honesty, respect, understanding and customer care are all fundamental components of our business, through these commitments we strive to deliver high quality and sustainable standards in service, professionalism and delivery.

Our ethos

  • Passion; nobody's standards will be greater than our own
  • Pride; we do everything to the best of our abilities
  • Promise; we move heaven and earth to deliver on them
  • Respect; we treat everyone the way we like to be treated
  • Trust; we are honest, fair and reasonable
  • Creative; we are innovators, we take risks and dare to be different
  • Fun; we inject fun into every project we work on
  • Down to earth; we remain grounded as we’ve grown from a small business to a large award winning company


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