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See the trends, products and concepts of the future – at the UK’s biggest design and architecture event.

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Discover the design capital of the world

Design London is the biggest event of the London Design Festival, and its commercial heartbeat since 1995. It’s launched so many careers and brands – from Tom Dixon to Ella Doran.

Here you’ll meet the most exciting emerging talent. See the newest in technology innovation. And discover the design solutions set to change the way we live and work.

No wonder it’s in every designer and architect’s calendar, and attracts talent and tastemakers from around the world.


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The ideas of the future in the design capital of the world.


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Editorial concepts meet cutting-edge design.

Behind the scenes

Design industry mavens wouldn’t dream of missing our legendary after-party, Late Night. Deals are struck. Futures sealed. And the drinks (and gossip) flow freely.

Big bash aside, what attracts thousands of visitors to Design London every year? The packed schedule of inspiring talks from top-names in the industry might have something to do with it. Naomi Cleaver, Ross Lovegrove and Ron Arad have all shared invaluable lessons in recent years.

Trade shows are great places to do business, but intriguing editorial features add a welcome break from the commercial nature of the space. Design London had renowned design journalist Max Fraser as Content Editor, curating the main exhibition Elements – which explored the little details in design that often go unnoticed.


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