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Media 10 Limited celebrates its most hair-raising event in its 10 year history

Media 10 Limited is today celebrating its most hair-raising event in its 10 year history, by raising over £16,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

CEO Lee Newton, his Board of Directors plus over 30 members of the company shaved their hair in support of one of their longest-standing employees, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

In true Media 10 spirit, the company are supporting her during her treatment with a public shearing, where members of staff took to the barber's chair to have all their hair shaved off.

The public shearing took place in the Media 10 Essex offices on Thursday 5th September, with other fund-raising activities taking place throughout the day including a Bake Sale and a local fancy dress, fund-raising pub crawl to raise even more money for Macmillan.

The team have smashed their target of £10,000, having raised over £16,000 so far. If you wish to sponsor them visit

Gill comments "The support I have received from Lee and all the directors of Media 10 since discovering I had cancer has been incredible, when Lee Newton knew that the chemotherapy would result in me losing my hair, without hesitation he offered to shave off his own hair, a remarkably selfless act as Lee always took great care of his hair. I have been overwhelmed by the number of friends and colleagues from Media 10 that took part in the head shaving they are all brilliant and also from the generosity of donations from friends, colleagues and business associates, the whole event has lifted the spirit of me and my family beyond belief"

Lee Newton comments "Originally I was going to be the only one shaving my hair off in support of Gill during her treatment, which is strange as I've spent most of my life trying to hide the bald patches. Once the word got out, I was amazed at how many of my fellow Directors and now staff, joined in the cause and have consequently volunteered. For every person in my team that's volunteered I've made an additional £20 donation and we've now raised over £10,000 and hoping to get to £15,000 by the weekend: an amazing amount to a great cause! I'm so proud of the spirit of the team."

People who participated in the Hair Shaving:

  1. Lee Newton
  2. Richard Morey
  3. Mike Dynan
  4. Nathan Garnett
  5. Stephen Allen
  6. Ant Goodey
  7. Giles Perry
  8. Iain Large
  9. Ryan Watson
  10. Andy Williams
  11. Paul O Neal
  12. David Jenkins
  13. Jordan Smith
  14. Justin Levett
  15. Rob Nathan
  16. Will Garwood
  17. Matt Smith
  18. Suzy Pallett
  19. Saul leese
  20. Jill Ubdegrove
  21. Andy Poole
  22. Adam Potter
  23. Sam Romero
  24. Rob Neighbour
  25. Tim Garwood
  26. Lee Bowers
  27. Stephen Blackie
  28. Gary Da Costa
  29. Shane Tracey
  30. Matt Jenks
  31. Daren Newton
  32. Jamie Boyle
  33. Jane Musgrove

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