100% Design launches first Virtual Exhibition

100% Design launches first Virtual Exhibition

100% Design has launched the UK's first Virtual Exhibition this year. The Virtual Exhibition, captured key data used in the creation of the new virtual audit by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC). Filmed in HD 360 degree photography, visitors were able to revisit the event or were offered the chance to visit the virtual exhibition, should they have missed the show.

Trade Marketing Manager at Media 10 Saul Leese said: "I've wanted to launch a Virtual Exhibition for some time now and after working with Visualise on a small scale project for the Ideal Home Show, we were able to test the technology and upscale it to trade events. Trade events are limited to a number of physical visitors over a few days; by creating a virtual exhibition we've increased the longevity of our brand's appeal after the event closes and opened up a new market."

The online exhibition featured some of the most exciting features and exhibitors from this year's event. Each stand was filmed in high definition, 360 degree photography allowing visitors to pan around each stand or feature. Visualise's technology enables the creation of 'Hotspots' where users can glean more detailed information about products as well as click on links to exhibitor websites.

Saul Leese added: "100% Design invests heavily in its content for the event. Features are months in the planning and it is a waste to discard all of that work at the end of the show. Our Virtual Exhibition is the next best thing to visiting the event and creates a deeply immersive experience for visitors."

Henry Stuart, Co-Founder and MD of Visualise states "Shooting 100% Design was always going to be fascinating - not only would we be able to add value by bring a stunning exhibition online but we would also be able to contribute by counting virtual footfall as real footfall. We had to build a totally new system to be able to capture the necessary data for ABC, including a function that detected users that have already visited virtually to save them from entering all their details again. We're really pleased with the final product and think it will make a big change to the way Exhibitions approach their online audiences. "

Saul Leese adds: "As a general rule of thumb, around half the number of pre-registered visitors are likely to attend the live event. That's 50% that can't make it for some reason or another. We want those people to enjoy it because they took the time to register in the first place. This technology allows us to do this and helps those people who were sitting on the fence commit to attending next year."

To visit the Virtual 100% Design show: Click here