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Good Homes is now the fastest growing home interest magazine

Good Homes magazine recorded a very strong ABC performance of 50,080 for January to June 2015 period, representing a 55% increase on the previous ABC.

Media 10 Ltd acquired Good Homes magazine from Kelsey Media in September 2014. This is the first full ABC under the new ownership.

Media 10 Ltd attributes this excellent ABC performance to significant investment in the relaunch of the magazine. This has comprised of a larger format magazine, extra pages, more editorial content, a fresh new look, more exclusive reader offers and supplements, which have all brought new life into a trusted and credible brand. This has all been lead by Lisa Allen, Editor in Chief, who was Editor at Good Homes when the magazine was owned by the BBC, and when it was at the height of its sales in the 1990’s.

Coupled with this, there has also been significant marketing activity from the time of the relaunch in late October 2014 across newsstand, subscription initiatives and sampling operations at key targeted events. This has included subscription sales drives and sampling at London, Manchester and Scotland Ideal Home shows, which is also form part of Media 10 Ltd.

As a direct result, newsstand sales increased in excess of 12,000 copies per issue, which equates to 70% increase, and subscriptions have also seen a marked upturn of nearly 30% for the same period.

Media 10 Ltd are committed to the long term investment and development of the magazine. An exciting time and future for Good Homes magazine.

Grand Designs magazine has also recorded another strong combined print/digital ABC performance of 32,849 representing a 1% year-on-year increase.

Both newsstand and print subscriptions have seen year-on-year sales growth. Print subscriptions in particular remained high achieving an average sale of 14,624 per issue.

Media 10 Ltd, publishers of Grand Designs magazine, attribute this ABC performance to maintaining high editorial standards and delivering content that readers want to read, as well as effective marketing initiatives. Editor Sophie Vening comments: “This is another great achievement for us. Grand Designs magazine always provides its readers with the unique editorial content they expect, plus inspiration for their own homes. These results prove that the brand remains strong, credible and appealing.”