Icon magazine celebrates 150th issue with brand new direction

Under the new editorial direction of former Monocle Managing Editor, David Michon, the new Icon goes on sale this week. With brand new content, under three new sections of Lifestyle, Architecture and Objects, the new Icon is all about design in everyday life.

Whether innovative tech and fashion or cities pushing up beautiful skylines, it’s pacier and more wide-reaching than ever before. The new brand direction distils the best design from places, people and things and all this is reflected in Icon’s brand new strapline ‘Design worth knowing” a statement that reinforces Icon’s position at the heart of the design world. In addition, the new Icon delivers a brand new logo, a more pacey energetic design with new typefaces and is completed with a much more accessible voice, under David’s direction.

From personal kit, to restaurants and hotels, to the neighbourhoods and cities home to the most creative, intriguing design scenes, the new Icon is now a magazine to sit back with at the weekends.

David states “Icon is now a magazine for you to pick up at the weekend, not just have delivered to your office: it’s fresh and energetic, it doesn't take itself too seriously but will still keep you in the know.”

The new brand direction is supported with investment into a relaunch brand direct marketing campaign which includes digital, email and postal promotion to drive people to sample the new content.

The 150th issue showcases fresh design talent from Slovenia and Bosnia, explores two new hotels in upstate New York and asks if architecture can be a catalyst for change in Albania. Plus Sean Yashar, an LA Design Agent talks about how he helps to cultivate the careers of design talent via The Culture Creative.