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Media 10 surprises staff back in 2016 with a bright warm welcome

After an incredibly busy year for Media 10, with rapid expansion in the number of Live Events produced and growth in staff numbers to support, they ended the year on a big high with an extravagant Christmas party to let their hair down and celebrate.

While the office was closed during the festive period, designers and decorators were busy giving the Media 10 offices a show stopping make-over in time to greet the staff on their return to work on 4th January.

The new interior holds quirky elements of design which come as no surprise from the Event organisers of the most successful shows in the country.

The iconic fake grass that used to cover Earls Court for the famous Ideal Home Exhibition is now featured proudly in the Media 10 offices, creating several bright green feature walls.

Wall to ceiling poster art along with vintage carnival lighting, now light up the meeting rooms, not just on trend design features but they add fun and humour into the office – which if you weren't aware they are a pre-requisite to working there!

Lee Newton, CEO of Media 10 “When we started there were just a few of us in the company, we all had a great laugh and our personalities were really strong. Now we’re almost 300 staff and we want to make sure everyone enjoys working here - there is no point coming in to work otherwise.”

Media 10 have commissioned a bespoke sculpture to hold the multitude of awards they have won over the last 12 years. “We’re proud of all the awards we've won, but displaying them all on a shelf gathering dust is not a look we we’re keen on, so we thought why not create a sculpture making a creative feature of them in our reception!”

The theme ‘green’ runs across the floor, splashing out on 300 brand new green mugs which look striking in the crisp white kitchen and fresh green apples displayed in wooden crates have taken the place of unhealthy snacks to support staff with a healthy kick start to the year.

“We look forward to what 2016 will bring; I'm feeling positive that this year will be an even better year than the last. We have even more shows planned for this year, and with that we’ll be continuing to hire more staff, so we want to make sure that all new staff can see that they are coming into a hard-working, but fun and creative company. We want to be the biggest and the best in the industry, whilst still keeping hold of our small business values. ”