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Media 10’s CEO Lee Newton on the new office refurb and ambitions for 2016


Why did you decide to change the look of your office?

Media 10 is a company that has always evolved and grown organically, and we believe that the environment we work in and the happiness of our staff will be reflected in the quality of our events, which are always fun, creative and just ahead of the wave.

Like our exhibitions we want our offices to be the best in the area, and we feel the new ‘spunky’ look makes an immediate impression to potential new employees and visitors of the kind of company we are.

This is the complete opposite to the exterior of our building which is rubbish! In fact so rubbish we almost changed our address to ‘Media 10, The horrible looking building, behind the smelly bus stop!’

Unfortunately we don’t have control over the design of our building, our landlord does! But what a great surprise when you come inside!

What does Media 10 have in store for 2016?

As you may well know, Media 10 launched 9 shows last year and acquired 3 shows all of which went extremely well.
In fact we are proud to say that launching UKCW in the NEC in Birmingham was a master-stroke, as all 9 shows under that banner will now benefit from the Midlands being recognised as one of the Top places to invest in property in Europe, at the same time London dropped out of the Top 10.

Our business in China has grown and is growing despite all the bad news. China still has the one of the largest economies in the world and we are still expanding. Design Shanghai has tripled in size and we will soon to be announcing some new launches.

Are you able to reveal the names of these events?

Definitely new for 2016 is Luxury made, our new design event that will be taking place in September in Olympia. We are really excited about this as we’ve unearthed a previously mothballed location within the venue that will give the whole launch a fantastic feel.

On a totally different sphere, even galaxy, we are hosting the only official Star trek convention in Europe in October at the NEC to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek. Exciting times!

Our ambitions for 2016

We aim to continue growing. We have a fund to back new and creative ideas, so if you think you’ve got an idea and have the industry knowledge and experience to back it up, we’d like to hear from you.

If you think our Media 10 magic can help bring your ideas into fruition. Our kettle is always boiling and our tin of biscuits is always full, why not pop in for a cup of tea and chat – we’re always open.

How many new employees are you looking to recruit?

That’s impossible to could be one or 100. If 100 people came to us demonstrating that they could add value to our business we’d take them on. Not sure where they would sit but it’s a nice problem to have.

As we grow we’ll continue to offer fantastic career opportunities, we’ve already had 2 staff from our London office move to across to our office in Shanghai and we have one member of staff who has just relocated from our Glasgow office to our office in Cape Town. And there will be more opportunities like this open for people to enhance their career here at Media 10.

Do you expect growth within any particular areas/divisions of the business?

Over the past few years we have taken existing brands and expanded them. For example, the Ideal Home show now takes place 5 times per year, likewise Grand Designs Live is established, is buoyant in 3 cities and we’ve just opened an office in Cape Town to facilitate the growth there.

So, in a nutshell, we will continue to grow existing areas of the business whilst still looking for new opportunities here and overseas.

Is there anything else happening at Media 10 which we should know about?

Ask me that now and I might say, no, not right now...ask me tomorrow and we might have plans for new events in multiple locations. We are proud of being young, fast-paced and reactive to opportunities so feel perfectly placed to take advantage of anything that we feel can add to our portfolio.

We’re still the fastest growing event’s business in the U.K, and we intend to keep running at the same speed for the near future.