It is with great pleasure that we celebrate with our Publishing Director, Justin Levett, his appointment as one of the judges of a top industry awards: the PPA Connect Awards is dedicated to recognising achievements in the events industry within the business media and the consumer magazine sector.

The Professional Publishers Association (PPA), founded in November 1913, is a highly respected industry body which represents companies, ranging from consumer magazine publishers to business-to-business data and information providers, customer magazine publishers and smaller independent companies. Board members include representatives from the most reputable corporations, including the BBC, Condé Nast and Time Inc, to name just a few.

With a solid career in publishing and events spanning 20 years, Justin developed from humble beginnings to achieve success and recognition within the industry. One of the founders/partners of Media 10, he was initially assigned with the role of Associate Publisher, and 14 years on, he now leads a team responsible for a portfolio including 10 influential magazines reaching 5 million readers. Justin, who has maintained his congenial personality and firm direction, spoke to us about his career and the qualities he looks for when recruiting new talent. 

 Media 10: What was your first ever job?

JL: For money-selling double-glazing. For career hopes – local radio DJ Production Assistant (I followed the money. So no DJ skills here!)


Media 10: How did you become involved in publishing and design? (Considering you were also a publisher of Blueprint in the 90s and now have an impressive portfolio of design publications under your leadership)

JL: I took a sales job working for Lee Newton (Media 10 CEO) selling classified ads (after deciding selling windows and cars wasn’t for me!). I loved it and was good at it. I worked my way up the ladder. The rest, as they say, is history!


Media 10: Which qualities do you look for when recruiting someone for the editorial team?

JL: Natural creative flair and real passion for their subject matter or industry. Strong ideas (but not an inflated ego). I have to really enjoy reading their stuff myself and find them interesting and captivating when they are talking about their subject. Energy and fun all help too (no daft hats though).


Media 10: What would you do if not working in publishing?

JL: Work in events.


Media 10: What is the best part of your day?

JL: When the latest editions of our magazines are delivered to the office from the printers. I love looking at the result of everyone’s hard work, in print.


Media 10: Share a dream with us.

JL: To restore a classic car and drive it in the historic ‘Mille-Miglia’ race through Northern Italy.


Media 10: It is brunch time. What would you choose: Eggs Benedict or English breakfast?

JL: Both. Ask to swap a big-breakfast fried egg with one serving of Eggs Benedict. Yum!