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The creative concept behind one of the most talked about covers of the month.

“An image is worth a thousand words”, says the idiom, and the  May issue of Icon magazine has, once again, proved it to be the case.  Media 10’s award-winning design magazine has caused a stir with its latest cover, an ingenious creative triumph produced in-house.

Commemorating the 56th Edition of the influential Salone Del Mobile.Milano, Icon approached the subject of the strong presence of IKEA at this year’s Salone del Mobile; which brings the campaign statement: “Design is a condition in itself. Milan is its capital.”

Icon Editor, James McLachlan, explains: “This month’s cover story focused on IKEA’s huge presence at Milan’s Furniture Fair. To communicate this, we combined two icons of high and low culture: the humble IKEA pencil and Milan’s Gothic cathedral, which is to the city what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. The final image suggests the ubiquitous Swedish furniture giant is challenging the status of Milan’s design establishment.”

Materialising such concept and translating into a single image is a meticulous job, as explains Carlo Apostoli, Art Director:

“I think we produced something like 35 different covers", he confides.  Italian himself, Carlo explains how the idea to connect with Milan’s Duomo developed: “I was trying to find a universal symbol of Milan that was recognisable by most people and kept ending up with the Duomo, Milan’s famous cathedral, and trying to connect it with IKEA”, adding that it needed to be executed in a manner relevant to the Icon’s audience.

“Our readers are visually cultured and refined people; you want to intrigue them and catch their attention - while respecting their intelligence – with a visual language that’s cool, understated and confident.”

The creative development involved sessions experimenting with IKEA pencils (all the 300 of them!):  “The process was crucial in understanding that we needed the artwork to be as simple as possible, so we went in studio with awesome photographer Felicity McCabe, and shot very carefully aligned IKEA pencils for a whole afternoon. Then we assembled the image in Photoshop, with every single pencil having its own shadow, for maximum realism.”

Cool, understated and confident are accurate adjectives to describe the cover which has attracted plenty of attention home and overseas. Cover Junkie featured Icon magazine alongside the New York Times as one of the top covers of the month, not an easy task to accomplish, as remarked by McLachlan.  Similarly, it has been widely circulated and discussed in Italy, being referenced by influential Italian political commentator and press reviewer Nonleggerlo.

The latest issue also features Tom Dixon, Lee Broom, Nika Zupanc, Färg & Blanche and Herzog & de Meuron in Milan.

Read more: https://www.iconeye.com/

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