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Essex-based Media Company surprises staff by acquiring pub 


Lee Newton, CEO of Media 10 shocked staff last week when he interrupted a normal working day and announced that the company had acquired a pub. In typical Media 10 fashion, he then informed all employees that the whole afternoon was to be spent drinking the contents of the bar dry.

On what was just another ordinary Thursday at the Media 10 offices all staff was gathered into the reception for an important announcement – and true to the ethos of the business this too was handled in unconventional fashion. Rather than a straightforward announcement Lee Newton lured the staff into assuming that the news he was about to deliver was regarding the structure of the business or a new launch or acquisition. In the midst of a speech that mentioned the company’s portfolio, success, expansion, planning and on the verge of what the staff believed was to be the moment of a dramatic announcement the fire alarm sounded and the building duly evacuated.

Appearing where the staff had gathered for the fire drill – which happened to be on the steps of the newly-acquired bar, Lee resumed his speech: “As I was saying... Sometimes we have to be a bit open-minded in business and, after much consideration we have taken the plunge and we’ve bought our own pub! Let’s celebrate!” Cue, scenes of cheering, astonishment and excitement, promptly followed by an afternoon and evening of drinking, eating, laughing and camaraderie – something that runs through the whole company’s DNA.

The new Media 10 pub will soon be opening to the public too, with plans to include family areas and a gourmet menu. Good food is at the heart of Media 10’s events, as the company is constantly improving their catering arrangements and presenting visitors with an experience beyond sustenance; take for example Gregg Wallace’s Restaurant at the Ideal Home Shows and the newly launched Eat & Drink Festival, bringing the best in street food and drinks to tens of thousands of people. 

This new venture by Media 10 had and incredibly positive impact on the staff. Comments from employees included:

James Bissett: “There are company announcements and there are Media 10 company announcements. Our Board don’t do things normally, they know exactly what the staff want and do it better and more creatively than anyone else!”

Jane Chillmaid: “It was such an unexpected surprise, no one saw this coming! We all had an amazing day and it’s moments like this that keep the whole team buzzing”

Anthony Goodey: “Shall we expand? Shall we launch? Shall we open more offices? No, let’s buy a pub instead! The Media 10 business plan continues to be as unpredictable as ever. Simply the best place to work, with the most inspirational leadership.”

Lily Young: “The pub is the perfect addition to the Media 10 portfolio, we work in an incredibly fast-paced industry and the directors have once again demonstrated that they always have the staff at the top of their list of priorities.”

Sema Tezel-Basbug:  “Acquiring the bar directly below our offices fits perfectly with the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra adopted by Media 10. Now we can do both without even leaving the building!”

Media 10, founded by Lee Newton and another 9 partners 13 years ago, used to rent a derelict building. Some of the staff had to bring pieces of their own furniture and IT equipment to work. Now, in 2017, with 30 events and 13 publications in its portfolio, Media 10 is in rapid expansion in the UK, China and South Africa. Now they own their stylishly kitted-out building, the company wanted to extend its energetic culture and ethos to all staff to enjoy inside and outside the office.

The new Media 10 pub will be opened to the public after a re-branding refurbishment. Announcements will be made in due course...

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