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Investing in our future, why Internships are so important to us at Media 10

Whilst employing people with experience is valuable to a company; you do not have to spend the time training your new staff and you can learn from the experience the new staff brings to your company, equally in our experience we have found that young talent really brings a fresh new energetic energy and we love nurturing talent and seeing our staff develop and grow.

This is why we offer an internship program each year and invest in the development of young people.

We work with Universities and colleges and have worked on collaborations in the past with our events and the level of work and professionalism we have seen, you would not have known they were students.

We give our interns real work to do. We teach them what we know, support them and listen to their ideas and in turn the majority become permanent full time employees here.

Lily, who joined Media 10 as a Marketing Intern echoes the benefits of on the job training. “I started as an intern on the marketing team for This Morning Live. It was a great experience; I had lots of training and really became part of the team. We had a successful marketing campaign, and This Morning Live was a huge success. Before my internship had ended, I had been offered a job and I’m now on the marketing team for The Cake & Bake Show.”

Hannah, also a Marketing Intern who joined Media 10 this year, describes just how hands on her internship was “I started my internship in January and was working for a great team who were amazing and taught me how to upload content to the company websites, how to do HTML’s and how to prepare the images ready to go online. They taught me about keywords and SEO for online and how to create content to go on the social media pages ready to upload for Hootsuite.

After just 6 months of interning, I secured a role within the company as a production assistant which is a different role but was exciting to be a part of the Media 10 team. As I am interested in social media I was asked to be a part of the Icon Design Trail Team and run all the social media pages.”

It is important for us to continue to invest in young people, our biggest asset is our staff and we continue to invest and ensure our staff develop and grow with the company.


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