Media 10 opens the 23rd edition of 100% design


Media 10 opened the doors to the 23rd edition of 100% yesterday, showcasing the best in design amongst international brands across interiors, workplace, kitchens, bathrooms, design & build and emerging brands.

Elements-themed installations

This year’s theme of the show is based around the elements, and the variety of materials used. Max Fraser’s has designed this year’s entrance feature which is also entitled Elements and comprises of products past and present.

Catering outlets at 100% Design have also responded to the show’s theme of the Elements. Benjamin Craven’s bold display of fabrics at the Auditorium café use heavy geometric lines creates a balance between an array of clashing colours and patterns.

Designers have also incorporated the Elements theme within their designs. Ross Bennett has created an installation for Design & Build out of a variety of elements found in London’s urban environment, such as pitted concrete resembling that of the Barbican Centre.

What to look out for:

Central bar

This year’s central bar at 100% Design has been produced by Sally Hogarth. A seating area comprised of geometric blocks arranged to resemble an abstract skyline, and partially covered by luscious greenery, provides the perfect place to network with industry experts.

The Arper Bloggers Lounge

Returning for the second time is a dedicated space at the centre of 100% Design where digital press can work, hold meetings and re-charge.

100% Talks

A comprehensive series of design talks is taking place each day, each opened with a keynote speech from an industry expert, including internationally renowned designer Michael Young, Max Fraser, British Product Designer Ross Lovegrove and Interior designer Naomi Cleaver.

Visit 100% Design

20 – 23 September
London Olympia

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