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Media 10 is the cover story of top event industry publication, Exhibition News.


If an image is worth a thousand words, then a cover is worth an entire story.

Annie Blinkhorn, Editor of event industry magazine Exhibition News, set out to investigate the history and unfold the secrets behind Media 10’s success.

 The journalist, whose piece marks her debut in the most respectable publication in the event industry, was intrigued by the success of the company in China: a notoriously challenging market to develop and launch events, especially when considering an extensive design portfolio. Media 10 owns and organises the preeminent design event in Asia with Design Shanghai and premier events Best of British and Ideal Home Show China.

In addition to her research to discover the secrets behind Media 10’s growth, a story which she describes as “both intriguing and unique”, she interviewed CEO Lee Newton; Media 10 China Managing Director Mike Dynan and Group Marketing Director Rob Nathan. 

She writes:  “Dynan explains the unique position Media 10 has in China. ‘We’re a wholly owned foreign enterprise. We can get on with pretty much whatever we want, it’s quite rare.  (…) Our office out there is like a mini Media 10. It’s not a Chinese company, it’s not an English company… we’re Media 10.’

“Breaking into the Chinese market is something of a holy grail for the events industry, particularly in the context of China’s growing middle class and spending power.  Says Dynan, ‘The Chinese consumer is very discerning. They value quality, individuality and a story behind the product. They are looking for good design and manufacturing. But they are still a very patriotic nation. They want a global lifestyle that their parents didn’t have – because they can.’
Concluding: “Perhaps Media 10 will be adding Michelin stars or a decent Good Pub Guide-rating to its credentials? For now, Dynan sums up their winning formula as, ‘A bit of luck, a bit of hard work and a bit of Lee’s genius!”

Hard work, luck and genius? They are definitely in the Media 10 DNA.
The accurate and heartfelt piece is distributed across four pages in the magazine, available in print and online.

Read the full story in print from page 23:


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