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From an unconventional interview to being part of the team organising the Coronation Festival for the Queen, the Show Manager talks about his exciting experiences at Media 10.

Looking after our coveted Design Portfolio, which includes 100% Design and the iconic Grand Designs Live, Anthony was also involved in the organisation of the Coronation Festival in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in 2013.

We caught up with Anthony, who surrounds himself with the ‘dream team’, putting heart and soul into everything he does.

Media 10: What is your personal highlight, organising shows like 100% Design and Grand Designs Live?

Anthony: The Dream Team!  It’s the people that make our shows. As a visitor to one of our events, no one can comprehend the hammers, nails, tubs of paint, rolls of carpet, amount of cabling that goes into making it happen. I like to build the ‘dream team’ on my shows and surround myself with contractors that you know can help with any problem you face.

Media 10: How did you start in the industry?

Anthony: Welcome to the House of the Future… 
My first job for Media 10 was sourcing the products for our ‘House of the Future’ at Grand Designs Live. I remember the celebration when I got commitment from a Germany-based product called the Lomme (an egg shaped bed that induced sleep). Even now Lee (Newton) will leave tech-insider magazines and articles on my desk. The line-up of product was so good that we got a full page spread in The Sun newspaper and I was namechecked as a ‘technology expert’: not bad for someone who struggles with the alarm on his iPhone.

Media 10: What was the most unconventional interview you ever had?

Anthony: My interview for Media 10 was held in a bar in Epping that was also a barber's during the day. I wasn’t sure whether to order an orange juice or tequila. Having never even visited an exhibition before, I was presented with some ‘squares on a page’ floorplan and asked what I thought of the layout… I must have said something right as I got employed the next day.

Media 10: Tell us about a highlight, a mountain top moment in your career?

Anthony: The opening morning of the Coronation Festival. I remember freezing trying to remember the Royal protocol when the Queen arrived. There was nothing quite like that event. I even got to spend some time on my own in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in the weeks before the show…. A strange, unbelievable, but amazing experience.


Grand Designs Live will return to the London ExCeL from 5th to 13th May 2018


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