Ideal Home Show made its official debut in Asia

Media 10 launched the world’s largest and longest running consumer event.

The world’s largest and longest-running consumer event, Ideal Home Show, debuted at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.

Media 10 launched the iconic event presenting six engaging sections including Interiors & Decorative Art, Home Renovation, Technology, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drink and Modern Family. The premier event showcases over 150 brands and thousands of products from more than 20 countries along with 200 practical life guide sessions, to bring refreshing consumer experiences to young couples and families.

Among the illustrious guests, “Ideal Celebrity” Hu Ke, celebrity interior designer Ben Wu, prestigious architect Shuhei Aoyama and international stylist Andy Koh are attending the show, along with Media 10’s CEO, Lee Newton and General Manager of Furniture Department of JD Home and Life, Ms. Zhao Lijuan - the show’s strategic online retail partner.

The Ideal Home Show was founded in London in 1908 and has now been running for over 109 years, attracting over 70 million visitors in total, making it the world’s largest and longest running exhibition in history. “One hundred years of heritage enlightened generations of European consumers and shaped the modern lifestyles of middle-class families. Ideal Home Show differs from other shows, as it focuses on a family life setting and takes family lifestyle as the core focus” said Lee Newton. He continues: “We have built interactive features for premium brands both home and aboard to get in touch with Chinese consumers, and are committed to the principles of delivering cost-effective high-quality products and exceptional consumer experiences which aim to convey the modern family lifestyle to Chinese consumers.”

The show reveals cutting-edge lifestyles though an immersive experience that allows a great number of consumers to directly experience it. By working with, the event is able to connect all online and offline channels to effectively answer individual consumption demands.

Check out some of the highlights:

Celebrity, ambassadors and big names
Ideal Celebrity Hu Ke attended the show and shared her personal opinions on how modern women balance family and career. Three big names from the interior design field - Ideal Ambassador and popular Dream Home Renovator Shuhei Aoyama enlightened consumers in how to explore new lifestyles in old towns; prestigious interior designer Ben Wu guided consumers to understand the beauty of modern oriental home furnishings, and international makeup master Andy shared insight into effective makeup design and created different looks onsite. During the four-day show, more than 50 of the most influential masters and bloggers gave their advice and shared their concepts and practical skills.

The ultimate 3-storey “Dream Home”
During the past century, Ideal Home Show has become renowned for displaying specially- customized and newly-built houses.  One of the Ideal Ambassadors, celebrity interior designer Ben Wu, created the 3-storey Dream Home, which is 10 times larger than a common residence in China.  

The Dream Home, which was meticulously designed by the organizer, consists of three bedrooms, two kitchens, a bathroom and two terrace gardens. Mr. Wu exerted his ingenuity to design the exquisite interior of the Dream Home and created a flagship living residential environment that perfectly combines luxury, modernity and art. During the show Mr. Wu explained the details of interior design and welcomed the visitors to explore the home and get inspired by the aspirational elements in it.  "It is my pleasure to work with Ideal Home Show to create this Dream Home, and to convey the essence of a high-quality lifestyle to the consumers gives me great sense of happiness" said Mr. Wu.


Intelligent improvements to benefit family life
Home of Future is housed in a specially created theatrical area, which allows for display and interaction. By experiencing intelligent products, households can incorporate technology in the daily life routine and save time on household chores, allowing for more time to enjoy family life.

Michelin chefs prepare fine delicacies
Ideal Home Show is not only a consumer experience but also means to stimulate the senses. Visitors can not only find exceptional delicacies from all around the world but will also have the chance to intimately interact with Michelin-rated chefs and sample an exquisite Christmas feast.  Cuisines of different cultures are made onsite in the Chef’s Kitchen by chefs from all over the world including Michelin-rated chef David Mao. Consumers are able to communicate closely with chefs and learn how to create their delicacies back home.

“VR Theatre” - travelling around the world without leaving Shanghai
VR Theatre is located in Modern Family section of the show, inviting consumers to experience virtual tours to over 10 countries around five continents of the world.

 The event also features a lifestyle stage featuring cutting- edge fashion design and exclusive product launches.