People: meet Publishing Director Yvonne Ramsden

The publishing senior executive recently joined Media 10 to lead the company’s portfolio.

Yvonne comes with over 20 years’ experience in print and digital media having been Publishing Director of Time Inc UK’s leading interiors portfolio, which included Homes & Gardens, Livingetc and Ideal Home magazine. She joined the business last year with a strong reputation for leading transformation across multimedia content platforms including web, social, mobile, video, experiential plus digital and print magazines. 

She talked to us about her humble beginnings, valuable career lessons and her first impressions of Media 10: apparently, we are slightly eccentric…

Welcome to Media 10, Yvonne. Would you share your first impressions with us? 
Having left a large corporate organisation and my own office - arriving on the first day to sit at the world’s smallest desk, hidden behind a column and next to the water cooler - was a bit of a shock. But I soon realised that none of that mattered because everyone gave me such a warm welcome and I realised that Media10 really is just a big, if at times slightly eccentric, family. Passionate, enthusiastic and incredibly hard working are all words I would use to describe the teams at Media 10.


What is your vision for Media 10’s publishing portfolio?
To take what are incredibly strong and trusted brands, loved by their readers and help extend them beyond just print to reach new audiences across multi-platforms.


You are a board level publishing leader who has worked with some of the most reputable media companies in the UK. How did you start in the industry?
My first job was as a graduate trainee with the marketing team at British Gas HQ in Southampton. But I yearned to work in London so soon switched roles to work for Stanbrook publications up in Knightsbridge on their titles Family Circle and Living.  Stanbrook was acquired by what was then IPC Media and the rest is history


Would you share a valuable lesson learned in your career?
Well, I have 3 things which I have tied to apply throughout my career. 1. It’s not always going to be easy but nothing is impossible. Things that seem to be screamingly impossible in the morning can seem very trivial by the evening. When faced with what may be an overwhelming task, I learnt that breaking it down into smaller parts made it more manageable.  2.  Attitude is more important than output - especially early on, establishing that you are a positive, solutions-orientated employee is key. Be a ‘net adder’ of energy to a room and not a ‘drain’.  3. Learn to manage your manager! Unless you are CEO, regardless of your job title or role, your actual job is to make your bosses life easier. Don’t go to your boss with problems, go to your boss with solutions. The simple approaches have worked for me throughout my career


And finally, how do you relax? 
I really just like the simple things in life. Spending as much time with family and in particular with my son before he heads off to university later this year, lots of relaxed suppers with friends, fair-weather gardening, walking my big shaggy black Labradoodle in the woods, oh and Pilates to keep my dodgy back in order. I really don’t have much more time to do anything more exciting!