Media 10 Banner Sizes


step-by-step guide to producing a simple advert

To get you started we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to building a simple banner advert.

Step 1.
Open image editing software (Adobe Photoshop CS3 preferably) and create a new document with a width of 468 pixels and a height of 60 pixels. If applicable, set resolution to 72dpi (the global standard for content to be displayed on screen)

Step 2.
Add images and text to make your advert visually appealing. Pay close attention to the message you are trying to get across, and whether what you have designed will give visitors an incentive to click the advert and come to your website.

Step 3.
Save the file as a .jpeg (or .jpg) and send the file to us along with a link. We will attached the link to the advert when we add it to our website(s).

Technical terms

  • Clicks/Click-throughs: The number of visitors who click on the banner ad.
  • Page views/impressions: This is the number of times a particular web page has been requested from the server. Advertisers are interested in page views because they indicate the number of visitors who could have seen the banner ad. Although they don’t measure the effectiveness of a branding campaign, they do measure how many visitors were exposed to it.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): This describes the ratio of page views to clicks. It is expressed as the percentage of total visitors to a particular page who actually clicked on the banner ad. The typical click-through-rate is something under 1 percent, and click-through rates significantly higher than that are experienced very rarely.
  • Format: This refers to the type of file that the banner ad has been created in. The three vaild file types that can be accepted are: JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) and SWF (.swf).
  • Weight: The size of the file that is to be used as the banner ad, usually measured in KB (Kilobytes).
  • Size: This refers to the physical dimensions of the banner ad i.e. the width and the height. It is always measured in pixels (px).
  • Type: This usually refers to the size of a banner ad. Type is described by names of common banner ad sizes used across the internet. These include: Full Banner (468x60px), Skyscraper (120x600px), Vertical Banner, (120x240px), Medium Rectangle (300x250px) and Button (120x90px).